You can download these forms in PDF format and complete them before you arrive for your pet(s) reservation.

Please complete the Client and Guest Information form if you are a new client or if any of your information has changed since you last filled out this form (such as your address, emergency contact, email address, telephone number, etc).

If you need to fill out the Client and Guest Information form but have more than one pet, please also complete the Additional Guest Information form.

Please complete the Authorization to Release Veterinary Medical Records form and fax it to your veterinarian prior to your pet(s) arrival. All of your pet(s) vaccinations must be up to date in accordance to our Hotel Policies.

If your pet must receive medications while staying with the Four Seasons Pet Resorts, please complete the Medication Form. For our staff to administer any medications to your pet, there must be a current drug label either faxed over from the veterinarian or on the container with the pet’s medications. If you have any questions regarding a particular section on the Medication Form, please leave it blank and our staff will happily complete the section for you.

Please sign our newest Hotel Policies and bring it with you when you drop your pet(s) off. Please initial on the left side of each section and sign at the bottom. If you have already signed our newest Hotel Policies, your signature will remain in effect.

Health Assessments are completed for every pet during their stay at the Four Seasons Pet Resorts. Please fill out this form to the best of your knowledge. Special Requests can be found at the bottom of this form. Some examples of Special Requests include our staff applying Frontline to your pet or giving your pet Heartgard, updating your pet’s vaccinations while your pet is boarding, administering medications to your pet during his or her stay, offering your pet a holiday meal, trimming your pet’s nails, giving your pet a bath, or bringing your pet outside for additional play groups or one-on-one sessions with a staff member. Additional Special Requests are also listed on this form.